And Then There Were Lights – Chandeliers!

Lighting plays such an important role in events.  The lighting sets the overall mood of the event and can completely change a venue!  There are so many different options for lighting, sometimes it’s hard to decide which to use!  So this week I want to share some of my favorite types of event lighting!

Today I will start with one of my absolute favorites – chandeliers!  Whether they are hung in the middle of a beautiful ballroom, over a dance floor, or from a tree they are the perfect touch to add that little bit of elegance to your event!

lighting 4 lighting chandy 1

I love beautiful chandeliers over a rustic farm table!  The perfect mix of comfortable elegance!

lighting chandy 3

lighting 3

One of my favorites is a sheer drum shade over a sparkly chandelier!  Hanging different size and shade drums at different heights over a dance floor create a magical setting and draws your guests to the party!

lighting chandy 2

This tulip chandelier is ah-mazing!  Perfect for a lovely spring event!

lighting chandy 4

Chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes, and even made out of horns!  I love this look for a winter wedding with a rustic lodge theme!  Stunning!

Come back this week to see the rest of my favorite types of lighting!!



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