And Then There Were Lights – Edison Bulbs!

One of my most favor types of event lighting (lighting in general, really!) is the ever classic Edison Bulb!  To me, nothing is more classically beautiful than strings of Edison bulbs twinkling in the night!  An Edison bulb can be beautiful on its own simply hanging from the wire, but they can be dressed up with beautiful glass canisters of all shapes and sizes and event light shades around the bulb to emit a stunning glow in the room.  Any way you use you, can’t fail!  They are the perfect touch to make any event magical!

edison bulb 3

Strings of Edison Bulbs hanging over a ceremony site like this would be stunning!

edison bulb 2

I love the look of the long bulbs over the reception tables.  Such a different look, but so much fun!

edison bulb 1

Peeking through the branches!  I love the larger bulbs, makes such a statement!

edison bulb 4

Takes my breath away!

edison bulb 5

As I’ve said before, lighting can completely transform a room and is a vital part to a beautiful event!  My big surprise is ready to reveal next week!  I can’t wait to share it with you, it turned out better than I could have hoped for!  The big reveal is going to wonderful!!!!!

Until then,



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