Some Talented Ladies at Mint 102!!

I wanted to do a special post today to show the beautiful paper products and invitation set that were designed for my spring styled shoot a few weeks ago.  Sara & Anglea, the girls at Mint 102 Event Branding, did an amazing job designing these beautifully romantic invitation sets for the shoot.  These talented ladies were able to create a lovely pink watercolor background with a fun yet sophisticated font for the wording.  They did such a wonderful job tying the paper products to the spring themed shoot that I planned.  I would say this was the perfect fit, beautiful paper for a beautiful shoot and the team of Mint 102 and SoHo Events!  I can’t wait to work with these ladies again!!



Beautiful silver glitter envelope liner!!  Perfect touch!


keepsake-memories-photography-112 keepsake-memories-photography-113

How can you not love the RSVP card!  I love the images of the food options versus the word!  So fun 🙂


keepsake-memories-photography-125   keepsake-memories-photography-120



Thank you so much to the talented designers at Mint 102!  I can’t wait to work with you again!!

Until then,



And Then There Were Lights – Edison Bulbs!

One of my most favor types of event lighting (lighting in general, really!) is the ever classic Edison Bulb!  To me, nothing is more classically beautiful than strings of Edison bulbs twinkling in the night!  An Edison bulb can be beautiful on its own simply hanging from the wire, but they can be dressed up with beautiful glass canisters of all shapes and sizes and event light shades around the bulb to emit a stunning glow in the room.  Any way you use you, can’t fail!  They are the perfect touch to make any event magical!

edison bulb 3

Strings of Edison Bulbs hanging over a ceremony site like this would be stunning!

edison bulb 2

I love the look of the long bulbs over the reception tables.  Such a different look, but so much fun!

edison bulb 1

Peeking through the branches!  I love the larger bulbs, makes such a statement!

edison bulb 4

Takes my breath away!

edison bulb 5

As I’ve said before, lighting can completely transform a room and is a vital part to a beautiful event!  My big surprise is ready to reveal next week!  I can’t wait to share it with you, it turned out better than I could have hoped for!  The big reveal is going to wonderful!!!!!

Until then,


And Then There Were Lights – Lanterns!

I think lanterns are a trend that is one to stay!  Lanterns are such a cute way to add a pop of color to any event.  If you are having a more casual wedding they are beautiful hanging over your guest tables or your dance floor.  Lanterns are a fun whimsical way to add not only that pop of color to your event, but texture as well. Whether you use the typical paper lantern, the pom lanterns, or the lanterns with graphic print you are sure to enhance your party and add a beautiful focal point on the ceiling!!  So fun!!

paper lanterns 1

I love how the bright florals add that pop to the neutral table.  Then the bright lanterns to match the florals bring your eye to the ceiling and create a beautiful event room!

paper lanterns 5

These white paper lanterns over the dance floor look like starlit evening, perfect to dance the night away!

paper lanterns 4

This mix of sea foam green, blue and white along with the birch lanterns and matching banners is perfect for a beach soiree!

paper lanterns 3

These lanterns are the perfect touch for your lounge area adding a little sparkle to the beach!

paper lanterns 2

This is absolutely breathtaking with the warm glow of the ivory lanterns and the dripping wisteria blooms falling down in between.  Such a romantic feel!

lanterns pic 1 lanterns pic

How perfect are these baby showers?!  So precious with the lanterns over the tables!

I have one more lighting post to do this week and I’m saving one of my favorites for last!  I can’t wait to share it with you! What’s been your favorite so far?

Until then-



One trend I’m currently drooling over these days is stripes!!  Thick, bold stripes can make such a statement to any event and really make your tables pop!  Match a bold stripe with bright colorful flowers and it’s sure to be a party!  Linen is such an important element in events and I love bold prints and patterns.  These types of linen can add such a pop of color, texture, and depth to a table and are a decoration of their own!  You can never go wrong with stripes!!

What do you think?!

striped linen 1

Nothing says nautical like navy stripes and a pop of fuchsia!!

striped linen 2

Pair classic black & white stripes (an ode to Coco Chanel of course) with gold flatware and low lush arrangements and you instantly have an elegant affair!

striped linen 3

For a romantic feel use a linen that has vertical stripes running across the width of the table versus horizontal stripes running the length of the table.  This will pull your guests together and make them feel closer and more intimate!  I love this blush imperial stripe!

striped linen 4

I know it’s not technically a stripe and these day’s chevron has its own category to itself, but I saw this setting and I fell in love.  This sea blue with the neutral burlap poly linen is perfect for a casual dinner party and a beautiful rehearsal dinner!  Love my chevron!

My big news is so close to being ready to share!!  Hopefully it will be your Friday treat!!  I can’t wait to show you so be sure to keep an eye out for some prettyness coming your way!!


Spring Fever

Feeling a bit of spring fever today with this beautiful weather!  And even though everything is yellow and covered in pollen, I can’t help but drool over these beautiful ceremony sites!!

A beautiful chandelier always puts a smile on my face!  Especially when its hanging from a beautiful old tree.  The perfect mix of comfort meets elegance!


Style Me Pretty



These chandelier’s may be a foreshadowing of my big news coming later this week!!

Hint!! Hint!!


Our Wedding: Details

Here are a few of my favorite shots of our wedding day details!

I_0772 I_0758

Our signature cocktail ‘Cranberry Spice Champagne’  was sooo good! 


Our late night snack included 4 different flavors of homemade Nye’s Ice Cream Sandwiches!!!

I_0759 I_0747


Three generations of wedding rings.  One of my favorite shots! 



Our beautiful wedding cake….it was hard to cut into this beauty! 


The guest favors:  Jars of apple cider mix for some fall warmth at home! 

Our detail shots were some of my favorite shots because they are things that we may not have remembered from our special day, so we’re so glad that we have them!!!


Photographer:   Brent & Amanda Holloman from Millie Holloman Photography  /  Ice Cream Sandwiches:  Nye’s Cream Sandwiches/   Wedding Cake:  Imaginary Cakes